The Victor roadster, ordinary 1886-18??

In 1886 Overman changed their bicycle on some details. Please look at my description of the 1885 model for more details.
This second production year, it had some details that make it special:
- A collar now hold the handlebars to the head. Mr. Andrews complained against using his invention on the Victors, so they had to change it.  1886 is the only year when the fixing bolt is pointing forward. 
- adjustable mounting step
- it still has tangent spokes with a sharp bend at the hub of one wire 
- there are more small details, they are listed in the book 'Collecting and restoring Antique Bicycles' by G. Donald Adams. 

The bicycle you see here is one of those 1886 models. Originally it had pear grips. 
It was sold at the Copake Auction 2013, the pictures are still online, so click the picture for a link.